I- compass

I was sitting with my phone 

just the other day , 

and yes it has a compass 

so I thought I’d have a play


According to the dial , on the initial trial My dining table faces North degrees 330 

Whilst my sofa ( at my wife’s behest )is juxtaposed southwest .

Which I believe makes her feel shirty


And if of interest, and I’m sure 

you all will have an inkling,  

my loo faces accurately

due East while I am tinkling.


The car is always parked due south

So in summer gets the sun

It’s very hot inside sometimes

And often burns your bum


The spare room  however is southwest 

with views of fields and trees

With sheep and cows all facing north , 

I wonder how they feel 


So with my compass  in my hand 

I wander round my home

I wonder if technology 

lets me use it as a phone


As certainly I need it 

if I ever lose my lights

As compasses are hopeless

When tried to use at night.



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