Sahara Safari Day Two

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Sahara safari day two
the alarm clock wakes us at four
Bleary eyed but excited 
for what the day ahead has in store 

A brief stop to watch the sunrise
as we greet this brand new day 
A quick photo opportunity 
before we carry on our way 

We travel to the vast salt lake
which was once covered by the sea
Strange how mammoth empty spaces
are such amazing sights to see  

The flat landscape stretches for miles
to the far distant horizon
Random puddles of salty sludge
shimmer and sparkle in the sun 

The 4X4s are waiting for us 
ready for the next activity 
They are huge beasts with wide wheels
old, battered and rickety 

Over hardened earth and soft sand dunes 
like a bumpy roller coaster ride
My heart misses a beat then races 
as the jeep bounces, slips and slides

We arrive at the Star Wars set
which was built many years ago 
It’s run down and showing it’s age 
still worth a visit though 

 An early lunch at a grand hotel
 then we are soon on our way
The mosque will be the last place
we will be visiting today 

We pass through large cities and small towns 
there’s always something to see
The people are really quite poor here
it’s hard to see such poverty 

Makeshift shops and stalls line the roadside 
selling food, clothing, pots and pans
Contraband petrol from Libya
is sold in plastic jerrycans

We give way to the odd Camel
as they stroll across the highway
In the dusty side streets and waste land
we see barefooted children at play 

From dense forests of tall palm trees
to wide open barren dessert sands 
The landscape constantly changes
as we travel across the land 

1200 kilometres covered 
when we arrive back at our hotel 
Two days of Sahara safari 
has gifted us many tales to tell 

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julie callaghan

Sun 22nd May 2022 13:04

Thanks for the likes

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