Watch Out

I watch 
I see
All of you
Look at me

You see 
Where I 
Come from
Jesus reigns 
Racism remains

But I’m loud
I’m proud
And I will
Always be
The queen bee

◄ My land


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Kevin Tan

Sat 21st May 2022 16:43

Yeah, same here. You know I'm used to it. Attended a peace protest in Brussels. There were Muslim women begging for alms. The rainbow flag warriors refused to give any. So I kept on giving. Until the same women came back to me for more. I showed them my wallet. It was empty. They didn't care. So I walked away. Studying the Buddhist way now. Because I don't know how to be a Muslim. And it looks like they do.

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Emmeranne Peters

Sat 21st May 2022 05:19

Thank you for your kind words. I’m going through massive amounts of turmoil mentally as our humanity slips from us at a rate I’m not capable of hanging on to. Don’t get me wrong. I will go down swinging. But I will age 400 years doing it. 😂

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Kevin Tan

Sat 14th May 2022 21:02

Whoever you are, I think many understand you. I was bullied as a child. Because I studied a lot. I was very unhappy. Then a group of celebrities decided to love me together. That sounds like a polyamoric orgy, but it wasn't. It healed me deep inside. I wanted to say 'I love you', but everytime I wrote it, it backfired somehow.
It is confusing to me. But it doesn't matter. I will help Earth and humanity every day for the rest of my life. In my own imperfect ways. I guess I was lucky there wasn't much condemnation in my life. Wishing you all joys

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