All my fault this happened again                                                                                   like a whirlpool-blackhole remains                                                                                                                                                     filling my head depression contained                                                                                           in illness family heir loom ordained

Make sense of this many a year                                                                                destroy all relationships in tears                                                                                    commit to past why nothing lasts

Disappear away once and for all                                                                                              May make some sense of it all                                                                                           Start afresh without safety net:                                                                                      meet who I meet-like whom I’ve met

Don’t deny I’m not a good catch                                                                                      for anyone with this record a match                                                                                            truthfully say without word of a lie                                                                                           went out to hurt-make them cry

live with me the way that I am                                                                                             cannot change not a sham                                                                                                         tried my best to be what I am                                                                                                  this person became not                                                                                                                                                     with whom we began

 I read these lines out loud                                                                                                              before concealed now reveal                                                                                                             their shimmering shroud                                                                                                            

◄ Eternal Full Moon

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