Shut  out , shut tight

Locked in , look in , not out

Don’t come near

Visor down, armour steel,

Sword in hand , I can’t feel

Shield on arm 

Cold , 

stone lips

Not speaking , dumb now

No thought , no feelings

Ambivalent to the room

Bereft to the moon.

Shutting down,

Echo sounder is all I hear

Reflecting nothing

In the deep,

An abyss on the edge of an abyss.

Each pulse each breath

Each pulse each breath

Each pulse each breath

The key sinks down

Into the mud

Fossilised in the sediment of your love

Gone forever from my grasp

As I scramble for shreds of memory 

Dissolving in the dark of the box

The horsemen are here .

Clamouring at my door

Thundering hooves

Foul wind before them

Waste in their tracks

No recovery

The deal un stacked 


10/04/2022. 21:30-21:57



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Pete (edbreathe)

Mon 11th Apr 2022 23:46

Mmmm sometimes I get to the end and think what I’ve written is a bit dark. But thanks for the comment

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Stephen Gospage

Mon 11th Apr 2022 17:05

A quite disturbing, poel, Pete, but good.

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