Being drunk can take us to a wonderful place,
Where we may be merry or just stare into space.
We may become silly but reactions are slowed,
And we may either be calm or we may explode.

Invincible is how we often do feel,
Where the world is all great and life is ideal.
We may believe we'll be like this for ever.
We can become lively or think that we are clever.

We may reveal feelings or burst into laughter,
But then come to regret this when it's the morning after.
Then our head might seem full of cloud and fog,
So perhaps will we go with the hair of the dog.

But in time we must return to normality,
And accept a life of our sober reality.
Then from demon drink you may say you'll abstain,
But come the evening you must do it again.

Stuart VannerDrunkennessDrinkAlcohol

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John Botterill

Wed 16th Feb 2022 18:08

Is that what being drunk feels like? I have often wondered!!! 😂

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Stephen Gospage

Wed 16th Feb 2022 16:35

A very true poem, Stuart, on both the good and bad sides of the subject!

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