And you may feel I am too loud

Too in your face, a bit too much

For you to take, but leave me

Be and you will see this is not about you

And though I say I’m tight and might

Say more than others have before

I do not need you to tell me I’m right

Or feed my ego, tell me you love

The way I flick my hair

Or how I lick each word

That slips from my lips as I read.

I need to speak my mind,

And I don’t care if you dare to take it

Or leave it, these thoughts I wrote,

For this is me… taking life… by the throat.


And in my life I’ve been loved and adored

And restless and bored and I would walk out of that door

If you or anyone tries to trap me or stop me.

So stop me.

See what you can do to keep me from leaving you,

From seeing the chain on my ankle as holding me back,

Not charming me safe.

And I need to run free. That’s me.

To explore the branches of every tree,

But find what I need not in the fruit, but back in the root,

Feel grounded and held by one who knows

How to let me fly.

Spread my wings, do things in my own way, my own time, when I want

And cos I can.

I cannot get all I want from only one man.


M x

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