Pity Party

I don’t want to develop the sickness

Called mental illness

Invades my mind like a parasite

Bury its self

In the depths of my inside


Make its home my mind

Then invites all its friends

One at a time they bring

Gifts like confused thinking

Along for the ride is hallucination


My next door neighbour is misery

She is nosey

And boy she loves company

Always know who is coming for a visit

She will be right there in the middle

Everyone knows her as the life and soul

Of the pity party


Don’t forget my good friends

The mood swings

They are always popping in

They don’t know if

They are coming or going

But when they stay

I often forget what’s happened


It’s like they gate crashed my house

With violence, hostility and anger

Tear down my walls

Leaves me exhausted


After I am done beating up myself

I then climb into bed

I can forget about calling self confidence

She is never around when needed

Too shy to stand up to these bullies

When she does

She always caves in


But it’s ok

I am always glad to see

My favourite friends

Happiness, joy and laughter

Even if it’s for a little bit

They never stay very long


Gone as soon as suicide arrives

He hangs around for a few days

Stay far in the back

Throws looks of daggers

While filling up on

The free negative beverages


Waiting for his companions

Fear, worry,

Paranoia and delusion

To give a clear way

I need to get rid of him


The door to my mind

Is through this illness

The invites to this party is exclusive

Not any and everybody can just visit

A one of a kind coalition

Some are silent

But most are deadly

Infect my mind like a disease

So relentless on killing

This is the constant battles of my depression


◄ Beware


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