Life is not empty

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Life-Never empty

Tuesday,4th January 2022

Life is never empty

if it is so, we should feel pity

for such a feel

life is still not at large

only sages say"Life is continuous"

we need to be pious

put a whole thought on a mission

and come out with the confession

it might create a void

the feelings may not aid

with the spirit and ideology

and keep one's self suffer from memory

life has to end one day

as nobody is granted a permanent stay

Whoever has come on this beautiful earth!

he or she must part with the death

one may feel bad and suffer

but he or she has to adjust here

life must move on barring few setbacks

it should never crack our mental set up

Dr Hasmukh Mehta

D.Litt, Folt

World poet laureate

© Hasmukh A. Mehta


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