The Radioactive Cheesy Puff Trumps Balls Blues

Is this reality or is there something I misconstrue?

He ain't talking to me and he ain't talking to you

Who ever he's talking to he seems to get through

Maybe cause he's got that radioactive Cheesy Puff hue


He's an octave of stupid that's higher than clever

All the Democrats figure they just got to weather

Don't know why he's gold Shouldn't be silver, bronze or pewter

Seems like a 1980's fictional dystopian comedy of the future

He wants to make America great  and make the world a mess

Seems Kissinger's taught him one dimensional chess


I heard Melania's turning Trumps balls blue

Is that gunna effect me is that gunna effect you?

Is it gunna be worse than world war two?

Just because Trumps balls are turning  blue


I got the radioactive cheesy puff Trump's balls blues


Joe Biden is silver plated carboard

Tinny and lost like an atom inside a ping pong ball

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