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Our first trip to Dalyan
made for a nice surprise 
The magical river setting 
a treat for our eyes

On the winding waterway
day boats lined up one by one
Captains promoting their tours
promising hours of fun 

Backdrop of ancient rock tombs
carved into the sheer cliff face
A grand and imposing sight
in this remarkable place 

We took the river taxi 
to a protected strip of land
A beach where the sea turtles 
come to lay their eggs in the sand 

We walked the length and back again
under the bluest sky 
Took a dip in the warm sea
watched large sea turtles swim by

By evening we sat outdoors 
the local cuisine, devine 
Warmed by roaring log fires
and delicious local wine 

The next day we explored
along the river and through town
A bit of last minute shopping
the hours were counting down 

A private boat trip took us
to the nature reserve lake
Formed thousands of years ago 
the result of an earthquake  

Fed by hot springs and rivers 
that run along lush flat plains 
As far as the eye could see 
tree covered hills and mountains 

Home to diverse wildlife 
from terrapins to dragonflies
The wetland is known to be 
a bird watchers paradise 

The afternoon passed quickly
too soon we would be leaving 
We returned to the town
to enjoy our last evening

The taxi arrived promptly
it was time for us to head home 
Our last few days now over 
how quickly they had flown 

Our first trip to Dalyan
may have been short and sweet 
We both agreed
it was a trip that will be hard to beat

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julie callaghan

Tue 26th Oct 2021 18:52

Thanks for the likes Stephen G and Holden.

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julie callaghan

Mon 25th Oct 2021 17:57

I wish I could add more photographs. It really was a beautiful place.

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