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Times a’changing


Bored of this feeling it holds no real meaning.


Unlike the feeling I get from your love now that’s a real thing. Never thought I would get here but it’s now  so very clear.


I’ve grown and out grown this old desire. It no longer excites the alluring fire. This side of life I no longer admire. I seek new heights to take me higher.


I feel strong but not wasted. I appreciate this buzz I’ve tasted. It’s not the same as it used to be, maybe aging has let me see. I’m thankful for it all but I refuse to let it be my downfall.


To do this all the time would be a detrimental life crime. I’ve seen it claim the more weaker souls. I guess that’s how life goes on and flows. 


I admire how us humans can be so diverse, how we are set to be influenced or some would say perhaps cursed. 


The hold things can have on us; the way things make us feel. Why do we  strive to change all that is our unique fateful real.


Want more, block pain take drugs still no gain. Make oneself superficial and run on fake energy. This used to be fun but now isn’t really me. I don’t feel as magically free; it’s more like a chain suffocating all existence of me. 


This makes me see how important life should be. Must appreciate each breath I’m given. Must savour each year I am living. 


For me to succeed I need a different me. A new vision to see. A new direction to in which to flee. It’s only now I can express what is important to me to be said. Sober is another realm, just as sacred as tinted dimensions. All these thoughts we brew have set connections. 


No one needs to know how I’m flittering above the low. When I am and how far I happen to go. Like the happy times you let it flow. Darkness can sometimes grow and intrude on our realist soul.  I now know if I let the past go it will protect my soul.


Old habits die hard and new ones are hard to sustain. We all live in a supposed comforting past that prevents any gain. 


Don’t believe the hype. What’s wrong can never be right. The mind can’t continuously fight. Let go, lose control and then regain natural sight. 


One day I may not know why I felt this way. But Atleast I had a chance to say. What is and what will will come anyway. And today is never going away.  Tomorrow is nearer and each year is sooner. Life is spinning and we all try to race. Maybe we should stop and fit our natural pace.


So much fear and uncertainty. What is the reason our minds cannot be free. Maybe we can’t contend with reality and options are there to easily to alter our sanity. 


We only have ourselves. Lucky if you have others. Doesn’t change how much life may make you suffer:  




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