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Soil and dirt between my hands

Forever there, like shifting sands

Crumbling dust that falls away while planting in the dark red clay

In the sky they circle round and watch with interest what’s on the ground


Breathing in the cool dusk  air the shovels rhythm with a swish,

 turns clods over to release, 

earths sweet scent to all who wish, 


To feel the centuries stretched in time where men before have toiled in line, 

in furrowed earth with furrowed brows , before the sun their heads are bowed.


My hands again in dampened soil 

Connecting with a lifetimes toil

Think, To the earth we all are bound as we all end up in the ground.


But satisfaction crosses me as standing up and sipping tea

Newly dug with no more weeds 

I can sow my winter seed.


Hands now cold , soil engrained into my hands now black and stained 

I walk slowly up the hill, suns low rays are with me still.


The fire it greets with warming flame 

I rest my weary bones again

As in the dark the seeds they wait

For spring and warmth for them to wake.


To burst forth like a carefree child

The soil reborn will spring up wild

Relinquished bounty, food and manna 

To feed my soul and bodies clamour


12/10/2021. 17:45-18:25






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Stephen Gospage

Wed 13th Oct 2021 17:48

Great work, Pete.

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