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poem: karmic cycle

I feel confused, worn out, and lost


Everyone around me seems superficial, shallow, selfish



I’m not any better…


It’s not a state of depression that I am in, more of “like just floating around in the universe”.


But everyone feels that way?


Everyone chases a distraction.


Everyone feels empty with solitude or company.


Everyone chases validation from conversations


Everyone feels demented




We like to feed off of each other’s energy and use it to carry on with our day


We use each other for safety, comfort, sex, control



Sometimes we get carried away and hurt each other


We don’t mean to, but it happens.


Way too often, in too many different places, too many times by too many different people



Then we sit with the memories, and then talk about them.


With each time a memory comes up in conversations, a detail changes .

We don’t mean to retell the same story with different details each time , but that’s just how our brain works



Not perfect



We fall into bad habits and cycles

Sometimes we feel like we can’t get out


And that’s because we can’t.


We’re stuck.








We’re literally stuck.

   But we don’t stop trying


No matter how much we can’t get out



We’re made to be resilient



We forget


People and things around us


We lose feelings, hopes, and dreams


   And then we find better things


We move on from situations and people






And we keep going.



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