Telling a Joke (Advice Given to a young lady)



PREAMBLE- Know your audience
                 Know your subject
Write out your joke in full
Read it aloud many times
Remove all diversions
Check for confused references
Ensure you have a command of the required terminology
Try not to get out of your depth

Avoid sporting, scientific, historical or technical references
Limit your choice to sex and fashion
Political issues may only result in your being confused
Do Laugh at other peoples's jokes before attempting your own
Get the round in before attempting your joke

               Practice brevity
               Remove 25% of what's left
               Remain calm     Remember to

EVENT- Style is everything:
            delivery is more so




Practice eye contact
Avoid staring continually at the same person
Do not wear checked shirts, dungarees or men's boots
Do not mumble
Do not rush delivery
Learn to lower your vocal pitch

Do not to sweat

Remember to breathe
                Practice brevity
                Remove 25% of what's left
                Remain calm

Ask a chap about posture
Ask a chap for advice
Ask a chap for his approval
                Try to relax
Avoid tearing-up beer-mats
Do not fidget
Do not under ANY circumstances cough - burp - stammer- pass wind
or giggle hysterically during the performance
Turn off your mobile 'phone
Try not to look  nervous

Do not apologize for your effort

Do not attempt an encore.

Tommy Carroll

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