The age of wakefulness

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I go to bed with weary uncertainty.

Will it be an ok night, or a bad one?

A few trips to the loo, or too many?

I wake at six with the usual sense

of achievement. Think of emails


I should write, the walking companion

and prostate survivor I met

yesterday, now installed in a flat

in the centre of town, near Homebase.

His new spark. Horses we once saw


racing each other for the joy of it.

Go downstairs, read a fellow poet

and musician's latest work,

wait for the paper to arrive,

the day to wake up.


Is this what they mean by being

‘woke’? They must mean

something by it. Remember again,

another morning, the hillside at Hay.

The happiness of those horses.


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Greg Freeman

Mon 20th Sep 2021 08:27

Glad you're enjoying Marples, Ray - thanks for mentioning it! Thanks for the Like, Stephen.

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Rudyard Kooistra

Sun 19th Sep 2021 21:50

Dead poets society, robin williams died along the way.

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Sun 19th Sep 2021 21:41

With due respect for language I think woke in this context is an ironical one, such as befits a very aware poet like yourself. A lovely poem that reached down to roots of experience and reflection whatever the influence! Poring through your book at the moment - goody goody.


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Graham Sherwood

Sun 19th Sep 2021 09:32

Yes Greg but sadly Coleridge's cottage was closed for re-development, although I did meet a very very old sailor at Lynton!

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Greg Freeman

Sun 19th Sep 2021 08:13

The Quantocks? In the footsteps of Wordsworth and Coleridge, Graham! I think our recent poems may spring more or less from the same well. I have been enjoying your recent ones very much, too. Thanks for the Like, Holden.

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Graham Sherwood

Sat 18th Sep 2021 23:16

I've recently been staying in a cottage in the foothills of the Quantocks with some very close friends and our god daughter.

I woke up every morning at around 4am and felt compelled to compose words, currently the last two offerings on my personal blog.

I used to call them bad nights. Now they are good ones

I have really enjoyed reading your recent work Greg. you are painting great pictures.

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