The Journey


The plain and simple things are those we feel

In our lives on any common day

And keep us all together on the ground

Like sturdy stones resisting over time.


They are the same for poor and rich alike,

A hug, a smile, a warm and sunny day,

Reminding us that we are here and live,

As different as we are, in the same world.


Apart, there are some goals and wishes, too,

That make us grow and we are seeking them

With hopes to find a better, finer life

Fulfilling our journey on the earth.


But they are distant and the shapes are blurred,

Each person sees them in a different way

And trying to get closer and find out

What do we want, it takes us the whole life.


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Robert Neest

Tue 31st Aug 2021 10:21

I think the simple things give people strength to follow their higher aspirations.

Thank you, Willow

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New Shoes

Tue 31st Aug 2021 07:06

Find pleasure in the simple things and we won't be let down.

Thanks for the poem!


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