Waste of Space


There is a limit to the size of Earth;

We have to learn to live within this sphere.

This air, this land, these seas are all we have;

We can’t make any more, no matter how

We play and toy with innovative fakes.

No annex on the Moon, no Mars estate;

We work with what is here, without complaint.

There’s progress, there is fantasy, and then

Wet dreams of schoolboys wasting all our time.

The rest of us must put the hard yards in,

To act and, yes, to bully and cajole,

And not pretend, in some exalted role,

That we can simply check out of this world

And leave behind our banner, still unfurled.

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Stephen Gospage

Fri 6th Aug 2021 16:22

Thanks to Leon and Neil for commenting and to Rudyard for the like.

The comments are very much to the point. I am in favour of space exploration for scientific purposes (which it hasn't always been, I agree) but I believe that the current vanity expeditions send a worrying message that money came somehow (at least in some unspecified future) buy your way out of Earth's problems. Let's hope the billionaires decide to invest in something other than their own ego.

Thanks once again.

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Leon Kamm

Wed 4th Aug 2021 21:03

Neil, IMO they are doing it
1. Because they can
2. To try to out-do each other
3. To make money from rich space tourists.

There is nothing out there, at least not within touching distance. We're on our own.

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Neil West

Wed 4th Aug 2021 20:23

Hi Stephen, I agree there is no planet B but the space race is definitely on. It might be a distraction from our very real problems here on Earth but would all these billionaires invest in something if they didn't think there was something in it? What do they know that we don't? maybe you're right and they're just the first rats off the sinking ship 😞

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Stephen Gospage

Wed 4th Aug 2021 17:30

Thanks to Holden, Stephen and Leon for the likes.

I suppose the idea of this poem is that even rich billionaires can't escape the climate crisis which many of them have helped to create. The idea that money can buy you some extraterrestrial safe haven is just a mirage. There is no Planet B, or even space station B. They will have to deal with the problem down here, like the rest of us.

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