Proprium Sanctus

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The purpose to create pure truth to see,

the attitude to make that world a reality.

The hidden desires of the creator,

secrets of the ever divine mentor.


Testament of every soul pursues,

evidence in trust by personal virtues.

Nature of  inheritance to becomes itself,

modesty in spirit beauty intimate self.


A living faith as matter in state of spirit,

kindled souls by word of merit.

To discover the error of self by right,

is the uncovering of the light.


The form of love regardless progressing,

culminates in love of formless blessing.

Situation in life are the mirrors transcendent,

bringing out the real and false intended.


Reflected in the richest tincture of the sky,

colors that change transcendent wings at play.

Knowing spheres and task assigned,

by laws of eternal magical kind.


Guided by orb of wandering planets might

beneath the moon’s refined pale light.

To deserve a watchful spirits care,

beams of wisdom from the brightest fair.


With beating hearts by all compassion in wait,

miracles in constant presence will relate.


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