A 'Brush' with Art !

A 'Brush' with Art !  



I think I'll take up painting.

Could it really be that tough?

To swish a brush across the canvas

....spreading ‘oil-based stuff’.


Lots of people do it

and make money on the side.

But the trick to this is selling them

to folk  (..... before you’ve died!)


Da Vinci and his ‘Masters’

could have flogged a few more ‘Greats’,

if they’d used a little ‘patter’

when they showed them to their mates!


And, so, I bought an easel,

(with the stuff that goes together).

As its cost a ‘blummin’  fortune

I’ll be painting, ‘Hell for Leather’!


But, now I am an ‘Artist’.

(Yep; as quick as that!)

Perspective is a challenge, though,

-   an ‘elephant-sized’ cat?


And, surely trees don’t look that strange

- a sort of ‘larchy-pine’ .

Just barely two-dimensional!

(That’s not a hopeful sign.)


So, I thought, I’d try ‘Life-drawing’.

‘Cos I’ve got a good idea

how the ‘human form’ is represented.

...... Not ‘like that’, I fear!


I'll pass it off as Modern Art

(’Surrealist’ sounds ok.)

I’ve summoned up my ‘inner-child’

to make it look that way


Okay, then. I’ll admit it.

(Things haven’t turned-out well !)

My efforts look ‘demented’,

so I doubt, they'd ever sell.


Yet, I'’ll still remain a painter,

aptly suited to my skills.

Where I'm happiest, just ‘daubing’

 -  on my walls and window sills!


John Andrew Nield.

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John Andrew Nield

Fri 23rd Jul 2021 08:15

Thanks for both your kind comments, Jennifer & Stephen. Yes, today's art offerings do seem to 'stretch the imagination', somewhat! ?

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Stephen Gospage

Tue 20th Jul 2021 17:39

Great. An elephant-sized cat might just win you the Turner Prize.

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jennifer Malden

Tue 20th Jul 2021 16:34

Nice! Acrylics are infinitely easier to cope with than oil-based stuff, and why don't you go in for abstract stuff? Very funny, and what can be more 'demented' than a pickled sheep or a urinal?

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