ORt umm

Still warm light from autumns torch

Suns weak rays filter yellow hews

Blackbird trills in echoed alarm

Float in whispered warmth


Scent of Autumn , slight decay

Opens up the hallowed way

That ushers winter yet to come

Meanwhile soak up the fading sun


Dried up grasses swish and dance

As I pass ambling down the path

Strip the seeds as I walk past

And scatter them in random act


Through the dell and up the hill

Past the stream  now gliding still 

Cows look up indifferent, size me up,

As slowly , quizzically, chew the cud


Too the lake now gentle mist

A sheet of milk that swirls and twists

A chill descends,shoulders shake

Hurry back now before it’s late 


Black bird still startled in alarm

As I now take your arm

We wander home , two as one

To start tomorrow as today began.


12/07/2021. 20:05-20:31 




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