U mELt Me

Wrapped in black a draping gown

Flows around like silken down

Lures senses down the roads of light

Leads me to the velvet night.


Hold  you in translucent  dress

Raise the game with your caress

Glimpse your form through shafts of dreams

You sway before me form serene 


Tempting touch and bodies close

Waves of intoxicated dose

Dizziness now sweeps my mind

While arms embrace me from behind


Soft warm lips across my neck

Whispered  promise now in check

Angel hands that raise the beast

Before you gorge upon the feast


Now you stand before the mirror

Sylphen body still in quiver

Wrapped again in black lace dress

To tempt me more , to make me guess


07/07/2021  00.00- 00.23

◄ Moooovin’ oN



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