fRee LArk

Pale pale skin to wrap myself in

Velvet touch I crave so much, 

Like moons soft light dappled through the leaves

With shafts that dance through gossamer trees


Fading out with ghostly grace

Hide and seek to tease the space

That forms in shadows deep and dark

That separates us from the lark


Who rises mornings, on the wing

To call the world

Join in and sing

A dot now in the blue blue sky

We watch her now from where we lie


We maybe sitting worlds apart

But from our windows , beating hearts,

Stretch into space and back again

To call us in from cold steel rain


For one day soon a warm embrace

Will let us settle in the place

That makes me smile to all the world

Not now alone ,but  with my girl.


05/07/2021. 23:00-23:39






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