Pieces of You

Everywhere I go

I see pieces of you…

A piece of you in the parking lot

Where we used to meet and chat,

A video clip of you at that burger resto

Walking up to me with the menu.

I find you in my playlists,

The songs you picked for me.

Alone in the car,

Conversations playback.

Shopping at the mall,

You critique my choices.

Even in the shower

I can hear your laughter.

Driving in the afternoon sun,

Kisses when we’re stuck in a traffic jam.

I see you through the window

As I wash dishes, mouthing I Love You.

When I’m trying to make a decision

I hear your voice in my head,

But when I’m at my lowest 

I sense your worry and care.


All around me pieces of you

Scattered, blown by winds of memory

And I try to hold on to my sanity,

I try to make sense of my life.

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Stephen Gospage

Sat 12th Jun 2021 17:26

A really perceptive piece. Many thanks. A good read.

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Michelle Cote

Fri 11th Jun 2021 13:50

nice work, and how well I know these feelings... pieces of him everywhere in everyway... time will erase some, but not soon enough... looking forward to reading more of your work, thank you for posting.

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