The one who was created as a nurturer, as a leader.

She has metaphorical balls that are stronger than man's physical ones.

She thinks with her heart. Without her mankind would not continue.

She is a mother,a sister, a wife a daughter,a lover a friend.

She is stronger and prettier than diamonds and more dependable than a Volvo.Her inspiration is everlasting.

Her wrath is strong and her tears are as heavy as her heart. She longs to be fatter,thinner,prettier,bigger busted, smaller busted, shorter, taller,brown eyed,blue eyed,green eyed,whiter,blacker,browner.

She dreams of long hair,short hair,curly hair,straight hair,blonde hair,black hair ginger and brown hair.

She wants to be perfect. But she already is. God made her the right size with the right hair shade,complexion, ideal eye colour and the best ass,boobs and thighs .

She is custom made, a one off. She is priceless, unique, a limited edition. Her smile makes her face light up so brightly the sun is jealous. Why alter something so great?

She can tell you the price of everything in the shops and supermarkets. If only she understood her own value.


By Paulyn Lloyd

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 19th Mar 2011 17:09

Yep. All of the above. Great list. Not exactly in a 'poetry format' ie, turning on shorter lines with some kind of plan. Whom are you trying to convince, actually? Presumably, without a male counterpart, Mankind would not exist either, since women are not yet self-sexuallizing.

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