From everyone else, you won’t take crap

But with her you seem to just give up

Please open your eyes and see

She has treated you so badly 


When you excuse her behavior 

You become an enabler

From my third person perspective

Her actions are bordering abusive


Although it frustrates me so much

I do understand your reasons for such

Your arguments are very valid and sane

But there’s a limit to what’s humane


She’s controlling you with fear 

Manipulating you, it’s clear

Don’t give in to the threat

You are strong, lest you forget 


Stand your ground and fight

You know you are in the right

There’s only so much I can do 

I wish I could fight your battles for you


I get that it’s far more complicated

And you want no one else affected

I just hate seeing you suffer

You deserve so much better


Things may seem worse as you breakaway

But I promise it will get better day by day

And a monster you will maim

When you refuse to play her game

◄ Paranoia

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