The Red Flag

Cooped up in a four walled room,
Thinking to myself “What's wrong with me?”
When actually, I should be saying - “What's wrong with you?”

Succumbing to the pattern of predictability - never ceases.
Meet me at first glance, a million red flags illuminate me like a fuckin’ christmas tree.

You tell yourself, “This bitch is crazy, but I bet her pussy tastes as juicy as a freshly sliced watermelon without them seeds”
So you wait it out. 
You’re eager to find out if your fantasies of me are indeed true. 

You’ll be happy to know that they are - but I warn you everyday, never touch a burning iron 
To quench your curiosity,
It's a form of regret and realisation is just around the corner.
Don't ask me when, I am void of answers.
But I am sure that it will occur, just as the weather changes, so will your heart,
If you ever had one.

Truly, what lies beneath your chest is emptiness and dust,
A beat that never sounds.

We know the truth, you and I, deep within the chasms of our brains that can only think of sex and lust, it is after all what drives us.
We are reduced to our baser instincts,
We are animals, try as hard as we may to deny it.

I have come of age to know that I have been cursed with the ability to see the worst,
Just as i see it in you,
Leading me into loneliness, suffering in days where time stands still
What a misery.

But these days are transient, just as you are
Ill be just fine with both, soon enough.

You never will.
You... you head down a darker path.

It is as clear as your skin and as deceptive and hypnotizing as your beauty,
That you will never come out of this alive, your ruin is not far behind and self-inflicted.
I just sit back, as I would on a summer day on a glorious mat of sand and wait for the show to begin.


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