The Death Series (3 poems)

Vulnerable           (november 2007)


I see you there helpless, at you’re most vulnerable.

And I am helpless to help you.

No matter how strong I am, how tough I pretend to be, I can do nothing.


I have to wait for others to come.

I have to watch you lying there, while I just stand and wait helplessly.

I can not describe the amount of pain I feel and how vulnerable I feel seeing you so vulnerable.


I try to wake you up.

I scream at you and get no response.

I have to wait for others to come, while my world is up-side-down and torn apart I can do nothing.


I am at my weakest, when you are,

I am most vulnerable when you are.


The love that I have for you is immeasurable and all encompassing.

I don’t want you to ever leave me.

But I know sooner or later, I will have to say good-bye forever, my dear.



Letting Go     (november 2007)


I see you lying there and I’m torn in two,

seeing the shell that you have become.

You didn’t deserve this, you deserve better.

But now I know you’re in a better place and feeling no pain.


How I wish you could stay here, but I know you can’t.

Its hurts so much to let you go, but I have to.

You can’t stay and I can’t make you.

I will always have the memories of you, which I love so dear.

And no one can them away.


But yet I can’t stop thinking about all that you will not get to see.

There you are lying there, while I watch the life drain from you.

But it’s doesn’t seem real, that can’t be you.


You look so different now, lying there.

How I miss you already.

Go now there is nothing left for you here, but pain and suffering.


So its better this way, you leaving, us staying.

For we will always have you in our hearts and be thinking of you.


Death    (february 2008)



Why it is so hard?

Life is cycle.

You are born.

You live.

Then you die.

It sounds so easy and simple.

So then why is it so hard?



Icy figures run through me.

Deep to the bone.

I don’t think I’ll ever be warm again.



So scary.

I never been so scared.

I hope I won’t have to feel it again.

But I know I will.



No way to stop it.

No way to get around it.

No way to prepare for it.

Only way is to just try and deal with it.

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