Dead Goods....are they?

Made my first ever visit to the Dead Goods this evening (7 July), and, to be honest, I wasnt sure what to expect. Although I have got to the point where I am fairly comfortable in my performing, and my poetry, I have always avoided the Dead Goods as, in my own warped mind, I never felt as if I was capable of holding my own. I have had told many tales whilst sitting with salty poetry types in the dusty, dim lit public houses and cafes around the North West, by gnarled old purveyors of rhyme and craggy faced merchants of prose, that the Dead Goods is a venue for only those most academic of poetry writers and performers. What I did get however was a welcoming venue with friendly supportive people, where, even though I have never read there before, I was known by name. I went along with the founder of the discussion thread, Chris Co, and met up with fellow Wirral Alliance Poets, Barry Woods, Ieuan Cilgwri and Liam Brayd. It seemed that groups from different areas tended to congregate together, which, I suppose is obvious, as they would be with their friends, Duh! although it never came accross as territorial (OK maybe between Chester and the Wirral but be fair, I am a Tranmere Supporter ;-) ).  It was a very enjoyable evening with some very good poets and poetry, as you would expect from the North West.  I had a great time and will endeavour to make future events, well done to all involved. So, Dead Goods....are they? In my humble opinion.....yep.

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