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Are you Listening ?

Look at the world,

lost tribes seek freedom,

lost in the desert,seeking shelter when the heats on,

the streets on fire,like,

no mans safe,

cant even put your faith in a familiar face,

too many issues, running out of tissue,

at the funerals,

go to clubs, man are shanked at the urinals,

and i aint even about to make out its beautifull,

when what im seeing's destrimental to my spiritual,

murders bing cfommited like a satanic ritual,

''missed everyday'' reads a young mans obituary,

shit is scarey,

sane peeps turning,

cumbria's a prime example of the burden,

never learning,

history repeating,

that day was remenicent of that dumblane evening,

kids shot dead up in their school day seating,



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tony sheridan

Tue 23rd Oct 2012 19:45

Keep on laying the truth down! Love it! Take care, Tony.

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Sat 3rd Jul 2010 01:03

Shane.................... You have been missing in action!
This is a great message that sounds a bit like a rap...
Did you type this up on your phone again? ; )

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