Into the Storm





I saw great billows fill and build

over verdant hills of grace

as shining songbirds danced and trilled

and the sun fell into place.


Then behold the mighty nimbus

alight in their dying flames,

strike like an angry mistress,

her thunder her crying shame.


Up, up they roiled and soared

in righteous indignation, as

lightning's flash betrayed their swords

and their witnesses' admiration.


From far and near this fearsome threat

with trepidation viewed;

many looked in fervent sweat,

in others no panic brewed.


As minutes passed these monsters

renounced their epic vim,

for their ire could last no longer,

slid away as the dusk grew dim.


So heed the signs in the heavens

when fright your calm disturbs,

turn around when storm clouds beckon

or receive what you may deserve.

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Chris Hubbard

Tue 26th Jan 2021 12:01

Hi Paul,

I'm pleased to know you enjoyed this humble offering.

I've been 'missing in action' recently, due to beginning a novel (yes, but I couldn't help myself!) .

After a while though, my poetic urges returned and would not be denied - and probably never will be.

Take care,


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Chris Hubbard

Tue 26th Jan 2021 10:52

My compliments and thanks to Aviva and Brian.

Like many UK expats here in Australia I am saddened beyond measure by the tragic effects of this awful virus.

Take care to everyone.


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