poem from book One Thousand Plastic Trinkets Nick Armbrister


More Wanted

How many people have it all and want more?

Just one more toffee from the box

Or one more lady to make love to

Or a car 10 miles per hour faster

Is the grass always greener?

Step over the fence to see

There’s no way back over tho

Make a choice and away you go

Cross your fingers it’s better

Are all people like this?

May I look inside their heads?

Then I’ll know all the answers

I’ll stay here at least for now

I’ll observe the winners and losers





One Thousand Plastic Trinkets

Nick Armbrister


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nick armbrister

Mon 11th Jan 2021 20:48

i listened to 6 hours of floyd on utube last week last it run tho here i make no mention of them. as a band they were far ahead of their time. i prefer goth mtal 80s normally except when chilling \m/

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New Shoes

Mon 11th Jan 2021 06:00

"shall I buy a new guitar. should we drive even more powerful cars. should we work straight through the night. get into fights....... contract disease......... keep people as pets. train dogs respect. buried bones break up homes...... now back to the wall" its all mixed up and in the wrong order and miss alot of great stuff, but it's a great song by Pink Floyd. Don't remember the name of it though

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