Running Track

Running Track

See how they run on the running track

How they move swift as lightning

Some faster than others but all quicker

Than you or me or him over there

Those toned up bodies giving their all

Not necessarily young or sexy

Just in shape and ready to go

Five ten fifteen times round

This 800 metre track till done

Come back and do it again

Every single day is race day

Their simple outfits for a hard task

Keep in shape in this rat world

Where people hurry hurry hurry

No time for themselves or this

Keeping fit to prolong their life

Make a choice be lazy and die

Or go and work out live some more

Challenge yourself and speed of life

On the track you’re the boss

No stress except in your head

Easy to beat and control

On the running track




A new book MAJOR INSOMNIA CORPORAL SLEEP by Nick Armbrister and other writers. This features many types and styles of writing on an equal number of topic matter. There is humour, sadness, anger, joy here and so much more. Poems vary from Haiku to the epic to activism against the CCP and their actions. Nick has done some of his finest writing here and other talented writers also contribute. The word count is makes this Nick's second longest poetry book.


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