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New Year's Morning, 2021

I rise at dawn and softly spread the curtains

To watch the pale sun rising over rooftops.

The early sky is beautiful:

Long, low clouds in light and shadow,

A palette of pinks and blues

From softest rose to deep purple.


Birds circle the dark, twisting trees.

Magpies sweep to the top for best lookout;

Pigeons bumble for a sturdy perch

Close to the trunk;

Tiny tits dart into the low mesh of twigs;

And all turn to the East

Lifting their breasts to The Sun,

Spreading their wings

For the first warmth of daylight.


It is an intimate, radiant moment.

I draw the curtains closed

And cuddle back into bed

With delight in my Soul

More warming than my duvet.

The New Year has been blessed.

Cynthia Buell Thomas, 2021


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Ferris Ty Taylor

Sat 3rd Apr 2021 21:36

I've missed your gift ?

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John Marks

Wed 24th Feb 2021 13:48

Beautifully written Cynthia.

April Holt

Tue 12th Jan 2021 15:21

I have hung this one next to my mirror at university and I glance at it every morning, I will know it off by heart soon. Love April x

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Greg Freeman

Thu 7th Jan 2021 17:45

Welcome back, Cynthia!

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 7th Jan 2021 16:52

And look at who's still here. OH, HAPPY DAY!

I may never catch up with the past few months, but I fully intend to be as current as I can from this day forward. Happy New Year to so many WOL friends whom I have really missed.

I just hope I can remember how to do all this.

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