A message from the hereafter

Bob had been married to Beryl for 20 years

But bad news on the phone Beryl hears.

"Your husband Bob has been involved in a fatal crash,"

To the scene of the accident Beryl did dash.


It was a motorway pile up three others had died,

Distraught ,Beryl holding Bob's cold hand cried.

It came to her mind the thought  of the funeral ahead,

"I don't want to be cremated ,I want to be buried,"Bob always said.


Bob's wish

"Peaceful and relaxed I was lowered into my grave,

Thankyou all for attending my " rave".

To be buried in a grave was my wish,

Didn't fancy my ashes being spread from a dish.


Landing in a place to be blown away,

A tombstone above me was best I did pray.

Driven down to the sermon I passed you all by,

From my beautiful carved coffin I watched you cry.


The grass around my grave grows as I peacefully rest,

To have the earth embrace my body I am  truly blessed.

The ants and the worms I will hopefully feed,

A gift to nature helping  those in need.


To the cremation I'm glad I  didn't go,

Now resting in peace in the earth below.

A lesson in life I definitely learnt,

It's better to be buried than to be burnt."


R.I.P. Bob








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