Magellans Straight....

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Magellan Straight Chile.


I was sailing on the water

Looking down I could see my face

I imagined me down in a cool dark place.

My boots chafed my blistered feet.

It was just like yesterday 

A fathomless bottomless canned repeat.

Staring in that cool dark place.


I stumbled to my cabin 

It was just a mess.

I decided I had to clear the deck!

My feet still hurt but I had 

My trainers on.

So I took a shot of whiskey

And just carried on.


I sat on my day bed

Considered my load

All my shipmates were up the road.

So I went and with whiskey

Had another look

Way down into that cool dark place.

The water in Chile was always black

Especially Magellans straight it stared right back.


I watched some Whales majestic and black

I saw them dive with flukes held high

Yes straight down to that cool dark place

I think the beauty showed upon my face.

In the distance flew snow capped tops

I wanted to be there but I’m in a space

That draws me to look upon this cold dark place.

Yes Magellan straight was the one

I could look forever at that cool dark place.

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