When are you coming home mummy, we haven’t seen you for a while. I know they said you’d gone to heaven, but I expected you to be back by now. 

Are you in America, on a beach with your friends? I miss your cuddles, your smile, your kisses. You’ve been gone for too long now mummy, we need you home, on you we depend. 

Oh mummy, I really miss you - why did you have to die; my brother says your gone forever which makes me sad and alone, it makes me cry. 

My sister doesn’t believe them, she tells me as we play. It won’t be long I’m reassured, we’ll see you soon, any day! 

Please don’t take too much longer to come home mummy. Daddy drinks the booze a lot. He’s lonely, he cries. We all just want to hold you, hug you and kiss you. Oh mummy; I really, really miss you. 

Will you bring me a present back, from America or heaven, or wherever it is you are? My brother and sister will want one too, seen as you’ve gone so far. 

Don’t be too much longer now mummy, I miss you far too much.


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Paul Sayer

Sun 22nd Nov 2020 09:03

The innocence of a child is so wonderous.

Good start Elizabeth.

Write on.


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