Where is the Man Upstairs?

                         Where is the Man Upstairs?




            I am bending over backwards –

 Confused by never understanding

What is it from us you want,

I’m on my knees trying my utmost,

My damndest to fathom why when

We are expressing so much grief,

You turn on us callously your back?


            All the norms you have created

Make many shallow as a puddle,

But puddle’d like an ocean is humanity in sorrow;

            We have been wronged!

And if demons seek destruction of our world,

            Then Dear Lord,

            As God in Oz,

We beg of you, you find the courage

            For a fight.


            It’s hard Dear Lord,

To take Life-forms no matter

How it exists,

But if in killing that which

Murders innocence ceases the evil

We find ourselves before,

Then children grow in futures

Where war, is only history,

And as Men and Women,

We move to higher plains.


            Humanity is valid,

But currently, in honesty,

We are corrupting every virtue!




            We never start in greed,

We never as infants know the problems

Of this world,

We only develop them through

The nurturing in forms that

Exploit the cheapest of emotions

By promotions of a power.


            Life could be so different,

Our Earth could be so fulfilling,

If given all the tools to understand our woe,

‘Backed’ by Guru’s placed within society,

Replacing mediums of wealth.


            We know what it is to share,

We know what it is to be as one,

But the wealthiest of citizens seek

The discouragement of the egalitarian;

Claiming whispers of abandonment that,

There is something wrong with human nature.


            We we’re not designed to kill

But rather,

            Making love – the procreation of life,

But begging cruelty of naivety is the knife,

And guns snare those who seek revenge.


            No child is born a foe,

Yet that is who he is made,

No woman is born of hatred for her man,

No man is born to rape,

But lashing out in what seems each victims

Reciprocation for cycles of violence,

Is the behaviour of the hurt.


            Mandela is now the last

Iconic figure,

God himself no longer thought omniscient,

And ranks of those described as Satanists

Are growing like an epidemic,

            A church tries,

But only cannibals truthfully

Want to drink the Blood of Christ,

Where is meaning now

For we are grieving for each

Life that never lived,

            Never lived to express the

Compassionate we are,

Where is meaning now Dear Lord

If upon existence is your back,

            What is the point at all?


Michael J Waite 14th June 2010.



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