For the stoic and the silent

For the Alberts & the Adas and the Agathas & Alfs,
For the host and crowd of ‘old ‘uns’ ‘going south’.
For the stoics and the silent, for the quietly afraid;
For those who’ve always known the outcome’s  - grave

Thank God!
For those who disapprove, of everything I say
But who’ll defend my right to say it night and day.
When priest or rabbi or imam degenerates into hate
“Écrasez l’infâme!” and shut the fucking gate!

Love is the virtue of the gentle and the poor
Stones can be lifted, rich men can be free
Camels can go through needles, wait and see.


The Power of a Moment - MomDot | Old couple in love, Couples in love, Old  couples


“Écrasez l’infâme - 'crush the infamous thing.' Voltaire on the perverted power of religion in C18 France, still applicable today.

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