She doesn't look, she sees
The black hole. Heading for her.
Scared of unfounded stories
Circulating in her head -
A brain-tumoured-tainted, untrained structure -
Cells multiply, you see, wildly
Deep sea squalls fling
Seas against concrete. Defences breached
By unaccounted time. Rhymes come & go
In this muddled mind of mine, multiples the arrhythmia
Of this, my broken heart, apart from the constancy
Of time passing, so many lives denied.
Deceptions amass on far-horizons
Monochrome, swirling skies, above, me and Woody....


Tainted Grail: the Fall of Avalon - Awaken Realms

◄ A sonnet for John Donne (poet)



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Sun 1st Nov 2020 01:58

Your love for your pets shine through your beautiful poems. I lost both of my precious pets in a devastating fire in 2014. I totally understand the heartbreak. 🖤

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John Marks

Sun 1st Nov 2020 00:50

Woody, dear Cathy, is a Collie-Springer cross pup. I love him dearly but I think of Charlie every day, many times. I wrote this in 2017 when my lovely Charlie was scared by a thunderstorm.

November 28, 2017 / Leave a comment / Edit


So scared tonight, he made me feel as helpless
As I am. He’s looking at me as I write
Cataracts on his eyes, panting. Fear. No disguise.
The fear he feels at the strangeness of the universe,
The inexplicability of life. The Thunder..
But he knows I love him and he takes heart
As I tempt him into a cave under my desk
And Yes! He has finally settled down –
At least a bit – panting still but now no longer
Muscled for attack. He’s quiet. I have him back.

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Sat 31st Oct 2020 23:55

Reading your poetry makes me think what it must have been like to live the same time as great poets like Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Yeats, Wordsworth...what a treat, no tricks tonight. Write on dear John!

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