Dahlia's Scalpel

Part-time embalming is joyful

Not enough to get you down

Leaves time to appreciate life

Freed from that bloody gown


Embalming can bring surprises

Cadavers turn up you once knew

This happened to young Dahlia

Its a sadistic geezer she'd blew


Chopped up in some car crash

His wife wanted a restful look

Freed from the visible causes

Her nerves would not brook


Rigor mortis had took its toll

Harry's tool reared at Dahlia

Whose feelings were mixed at

His newly redundant genitalia


She cut into red fatty cavities

Draining arteries open wide

Recalled how he'd ruined her

Nights prostrate as she cried


After injecting cavity chemicals

She went outside for a smoke

Musing what would be right

How best to despoil the bloke


Tenderly excising cold testicles

Stitching up the hole in his sac

He'd not miss those evil balls

The twat was never coming back


Grooming next, a baby powder

Gaily rammed up that hairy arse

Eye-drops into his defunct orbs

Clothes on to complete the farce


Wide open coffin his brats view

Weeping for the hero they've lost

On Dahlia's ears hang two nuts

Cut from the goolies she tossed.


scalpelembalmcadaversrigor mortiscavity chemicalstesticles

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