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we moved into the garden,
don’t ask me why.
we sit near the rhododendrons
lit by the firefly.
and through mothwing muslin curtains
we watch the world go by.

a peal of bluebells is our door chime
the dandelion clock tells us the time

a hearth set in a pebble circle
to boil rainwater
for our birch bark tea.
a sacrament made by nature
for you and me.

branches are the hangers for our clothes,
the apple tree provides our wardrobe.
our guard dog is a mighty toad
and spiders play songs for us which
from their twangy webs they download.

there’s no book I need to read
just the lifelines on your hand,
trying to foretell the story's end
as lifelines, heartlines, lovelines blend.

and as the sun sets
in all its abandoned golden glory
we eat nasturtium sandwiches
washed down with dew.

tell each other of our own love’s story

in this secret place for just we two.

we sleep beneath heaven's closed eyelid
laid on a mattress stuffed with grass
beneath an eiderdown
embroidered with daisy chains

and frilled with moss.

our house lies empty now, but deep inside
the mice and spiders that all used to hide
are taking their possession of the place
and of our occupation there’s no trace.



this is brill IMO but that's just me! And Bredon Hill is so wonderfulbut not on youtube in any other form. But I love this anyway!


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Thu 10th Jun 2010 15:17

Hi anne, i like this from a whimsical point of view. But i have to say that it is not your best work. Some of your work far outshines this piece, although it is clever, and sentimental, romantic even. You have greater poems that i really like. Nevertheless a good read. Stay well ann.


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Ann Foxglove

Wed 9th Jun 2010 23:25

I have heard of the Borrowers but I don't know what they are - or what they borrowed? Was it a cup of sugar? Thanks Stef x And thanks Dave too x

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Dave Carr

Wed 9th Jun 2010 23:20

I like it.

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Ann Foxglove

Wed 9th Jun 2010 17:17

Got to work on my rythms & rhymes a bit. Just an excuse to listen to one of my favourite songs really! Lets start rubbing those sticks together!

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