Covid and the witch

The covid witch is here to stay,

No sign of her going away.

All over the world she casts her spell,

An invisible curse,a door to hell.


Fever,cough ,headache and sore throat,

No cure yet, the witch does gloat..

But a turning point came in her life,

To put an end to the covid strife.


All her life she had been a tractor fan,

But while driving one she crashed into a van.

A tractor fan she was no more,

Covid cases continued to soar.


One day she climbed up to a mountain high,

Brought an end to the numbers that would die.

Her witch's talents she did share,

She breathed in the world's covid air.


"To conquer this pandemic I know I can,

That's why I became an ex-tractor fan !!"


◄ "When will I get to see my man ?"

"A home I pray for before I'm dead." ►


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Paul Sayer

Tue 27th Oct 2020 08:26

Thank's for that, said Po after spraying the cat and his lap with hot coffee.

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julie callaghan

Sat 24th Oct 2020 09:08

Made me laugh, thanks Hugh.

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