Custard Creams

A recalcitrant granny at my local ALDI

Seeking a refund on her custard creams

Made me wonder how you get a refund

After a whole lifetime of broken dreams


Merchandisers of Eros were my nemesis

I bought my first dream from sweet Julia

Redolent of cinnamon and Dioressence

Before morphing into something peculiar


Heather's packaging was slick and cool

Her labelling crisp and ever so refined

A whirlwind of chilli powder and vanilla

Seared my tonsils and blew my mind


Rosemary's stock was on special offer

Blonde locks in a promotion of perms

The best buys turned out second hand

Her wigs writhed into a can of worms


Ella had a stall down in Petticoat Lane

Selling old clocks that were always late

When she scraped away her make-up

I had misgivings about her sell-by date


Jo seemed environmentally friendly, her

Green-washed tosh swept me off my feet

Defective products all, but the law's clear:

No refunds in the absence of a receipt

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Rose Casserley

Fri 23rd Oct 2020 21:14

A really cleverly written, and most enjoyable read Simon.

Rose 💋

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