A sleek, scintillating surface quivers,

Supple perception spills liquid flickers - 

Faster than a blush – a rough rash rushes, 

Pulsates and flushes: cascading shivers


Her nebulous body shifts fluently,

And oozes – slick as subtle deception

To palpate and manipulate matter:

You submit to her brutal scrutiny 


Suddenly unsafe, amorphous, and nude

As she is, She pours into a crevice

A lustrous contortion; elegant oil

Her limbs coil around dreams of solitude 


But it tracks her scent - fish sniffing fissures -

Shreds shadows in frantic flashes, thrashing

Flesh, gouging gashes - ebbing into salt  

Now, fumbling, pale as tripe, she slithers


Later, you marvel at the tiny bud,

Fern-like, unfurling to fondle your face,

Embryonic, curling, ludicrous bloom:

You sprout together to out-float the flood.


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