What Living Is

How do you know what’s old? How do you know if it’s too old? People will ask “can it feel new again?” because it’s human nature. It’s human nature to hold on to what we love, and what made us feel loved. But in the end, when you look back on it, that feeling changes. History is a process. It’s a process of knowing where you’ve been, why you’re holding on to it, and when to let it go. I used to think it was just change that was scary. Now I know that’s not the case. What’s scary is being that change. Not for anyone else but your redefined self. Growing up makes you want to take that chance on yourself. And we have to allow it. There are gonna be people out there who’ll think what we love is weird, but they don’t know what they don’t want to believe. We already know what we have always wanted. It is the love we have for ourselves that truly defines us. So with each quivering step we take, each high mountain that we climb, embrace that change. That feeling, is what makes us feel alive.



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