In honor of -World Mental Health Day-

My dear friend, who feel misunderstood, weary and lost

You certainly got a friend on me if you’re seeking for support

I know you feel deeply in your soul

We are amazing vulnerable beings,

If your mind can’t make sense of this world

You can always take a stroll

To a place you feel secure and calm

Play your favorite song and feel the rhythm 

Close your eyes and breathe profoundly

Take a journal and write your story

Allow the words in your mind to be loudly

For you feel very much and some days feel less

It’s okay to keep it for yourself, unless

It’s consuming you in stress

Then you need to let your words be free

Like an old prisoner bird flying from tree to tree

Let them be and disagree

They will now how to set you free

I can assure you, that life can be gentle 

If you allow The Nature around you to flow

Within your spirit and soul

Let it connect with your existence

And show you ways to endurance

You have The Nature to hear you

If you want your words to be catch by a bee

But please remember, you got a friend on me.

◄ The Sunset- it's the keeper for every secret-

Very little did I know ►


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