A vaccine is on the horizon somewhere in a scientist's head

What is happening is beyond our control at the mo,

The number of schools hit by closures continues to grow.

Re-opening schools has accelerated the spread,

Many school employees returning ,scaringly did dread.


Covid 19 infections in children is very mild,

But from our little incubators the spread gets wild.

9 million children have gone back to school,

But the virus due to confined spaces will sadly rule.


More than one million mobile uni students is a recipe for disaster,

Again an opportunity for the virus to become the master.

Making us sad,worried, scared and annoyed,

But believe you me ,soon a vaccine will be deployed.

To conquer this worldwide virus and its spread,

A vaccine is on the horizon somewhere in a scientist's head.



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Paul Sayer

Sat 3rd Oct 2020 18:42

Full of mercury and nasty stuff many will say

Who do we know who is on the tellybox almost every day who has a huge financial stake in big Pharma?

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