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i used to have so many regrets

each volatile ,invading my mind with no consent

i dont know how we got here

to 3am conversations to whatsapp calls

to less celing staring and more dreamfilled snores

i used to be so conflicted constantly questioning myself , my choices

i have yet to do the same when it comes to you

im certain,doubtless,fearless and oddly enough thats what scares me

i trust you with my secrets

with my past

with my body

with the intricacies of my mind

with all the things that matter

but i dont trust you with my heart

the blurred lines we wallow in the deep conversations yet shallow teasing

the brutal honesty and the answers we keep receiving

the funny exchanges, your terrible views

how we got here? i dont have a clue

i find myself missing you checking my phone , hoping youre doing the same

waiting things out to convince myself its all just a game

i find myself comfortable in this lack of stability

something thats never been me

i crave your body not your heart

i crave your compassion not your smarts

i crave your opinion but not your views

i want to want it all. i want you to want it too.

the severed line between like and lust

i wonder whats to become of us

in another life we might have been called lovers but lifes too catastrophic

to ever aim to those titles

content in wallowing in these blurred lines

crossing fingers, passing the time

hoping the future doesnt try to unwind the tranquilty lying amoung these blurred lines






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Khanyie Komane

Fri 2nd Oct 2020 15:23

thats exactly what i was trying to portray ?

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New Shoes

Fri 2nd Oct 2020 07:08

It's an interesting position to be in, that you write of. So many play these games with one another's hearts while being afraid to love again. creating the love for our own hearts in our mind fills the void and avoids a pain staking lustful momentary glimpse of wholeness.

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