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Lovely day

What a beautiful day?


After days of thirsting heat

We received plentiful relief

Rain maidens circled around

Drenching the soul of mother earth

Parched lips of thirsty earth

Drank to its fullest the nectar from clouds

Honey spills like galaxies of thrills

Cool breeze blows my mind away

Taking all the leftover sanity today

Leaving behind the stillness in the air

Peace gently flows in and around me

Enveloping me with sudden tranquility 

Mornings are a bliss to rise and seek

When from behind the glowing sun peeps

Trees are dancing hand in hand with lovely leaves

Flowers gaily floats in the atmosphere of mystery

Withold your sinking breaths and exhale lovingly

Grace this day with the presence of your chemistry

Blossoming heavenly flowers as the rain beautifully showers

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